About Martinair Cargo

Martinair Cargo has established a solid reputation as an international airfreight carrier. It transports a wide variety of goods by air to all corners of the globe. In this respect, a number of products demand special attention and handling services, requiring specialized know-how. For example, Martinair Cargo specializes in transporting temperature-sensitive goods including pharmaceuticals, fresh flowers, vegetables and fruit. Total temperature control during the flight ensures that the products arrive at their destination in perfect condition. What’s more, Martinair Cargo has built up an excellent reputation in the field of livestock transportation. Horses are flown on an almost daily basis to destinations around the world to compete in international competitions.

Transporting wild animals is an even greater area of specialization for Martinair Cargo. Rhinos, lions and tigers are examples of wild animals transported regularly within the scope of programs directed at saving endangered species. For many years, too, Martinair Cargo has been one of the carriers involved in transporting the Formula 1 circus during the Grand Prix season.

Martinair Cargo operates scheduled freighter services to South America and Africa from its home base at Schiphol. The fleet consists of three Boeing 747-400ERFs and one Boeing 747-400BCF.